Friday, August 22, 2008

Another good school day

A few tears this morning at drop-off, but these images posted today already:

Yes, if you look closely you can see she is wearing one white sock and one pink sock. She chose them herself.

And there is Hoot, hanging out behind the sand piled high in the bucket. It's Hoot 3 of 4, as 4 of 4 took one for the team the other night with the puking and all. I'm sure 3 of 4 is thinking, "WTF? I just went on vacation and now I'm in a freakin' sandbox? This is not what I was thinking when I asked to go to the beach!"
In the third photo, he's sitting on the desk keeping an eye on her computer work. Making sure she visits only child-friendly sites and such.
He's a good owl.


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