Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catching Up

I filled almost three memory cards right before my surgery, thinking I'd get to muck around with the images while I recovered. Turns out I felt like doing pretty much absolutely nothing, so the images didn't even get dumped to the Mac until today.

The brace was removed Friday, and boy was that the start of a fun ride. I was so looking forward to being out of the damn thing that I completely overlooked the possibility that actually moving a body part that has recently been through surgery and then immobilized for 10 days is bound to be stiff or sore. It was both, and it wasn't pretty. I had prided myself on being off the pain meds for about five days before going back to the doc, only to have to go back on them for a day and a half after the brace came off. Doing much better now, though.

And tonight, finally, I transferred images over from mem card to computer, and went searching for the one in particular that I knew was good. It was one of those where the instant you trip the shutter, and the mirror clicks up and everything in your viewfinder goes black, you think, "Got it!" You don't even have to chimp the screen to know. But you do anyway, and then you drive M crazy the rest of the day going, "That's it. That's the shot of the day! Look at that!"

Total grab shot. We were waiting for the zoo train on her birthday and she was running around being her normal silly three-year-old self, when she ran straight towards me (and the camera). Click, click, click. The last click was it. Love it. Love her.

More to come...I've got a lot of catching up to do.


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