Thursday, August 21, 2008

Second Day Recap

Well, as bad as Monday was, Wednesday was good. Very good.

As I walked across the school parking lot, I could see the little pigtails in the window; she was on the same bench where she sat Monday. Uh oh.

Then she whipped around and we made eye contact. Her face lit up and I could see her mouth, "Mommy!" Ms. Kendra opened the window and Zoe yelled, "Hi, Mommy!"

After I buzzed myself in and got to the door of her classroom, she hopped off the bench, where she was sitting with two teachers and multiple classmates, unlike Monday when she was alone, and she yelled, "Mommy! I had so much fun!" Then she started to dance.

She showed me some new toys she played with, and told me about the sandbox, the gym, the letterboard, and the playground. Later she told me Ms. Kendra sang songs, and she tried to repeat one but I couldn't understand a word she was singing. Didn't matter. It was beautiful.

So I'm thinking the transition period is over. It was one day: Monday. Now she's good. Her teachers said she's starting to interact with the other kids, which is great and exactly what we hoped for. That will just take time, since she's not had much beyond occasional visits with her cousins (who teach her things like knuckle bumping, how to make a moustache and how to use her mouth in the crook of her arm to make a fart noise...thanks, cousins).

It's a huge relief to know that all is good in Zoeland as far as school is concerned. Unfortunately, not all is good with our school. M's hotel in RI has been without internet access, which is necessary for the completion of the first homework problem. Ever resourceful, he moved on to the second assigned chapter and its homework problems. Apparently they're pretty tough. I don't know this myself because I'm still struggling through the first problem from the first chapter, which by my latest estimation, I've dumped about 8 hours into. M did take a minute to log in from work this morning and post a couple of questions he had on the discussion board. I read them and wanted to hurl, since I don't even have the first clue what he's talking about, having not read that chapter yet. Sounds hard, though. Methinks this is going to be a tough nine weeks. I look at my Finance textbook and it makes me so, so sad!


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