Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School - Day Two

Zoe started her second day of school this morning, and even though she was crying when I left, I feel better about it than her first day.

She knows what to expect's not completely new. She also knows that I'm coming back to get her, as I told her that about a million times and we talked about what we're going to do tonight once we get home. And although she was crying, it wasn't a full-out tantrum or hysterics. It was like the first couple of times I took her to Tot Care at the Lodge, when she'd cry when I left but be fine within 2 minutes. Also, she willingly went from me to Ms. Lisa, and was hugging her when I left. This means, I feel, that she already trusts her teachers, which makes me feel loads better. I adore her teachers already...they have been absolutely wonderful.

So, while I'm still worried about her, of course, I feel hopeful that she'll have a better day than Monday. And I'm fervently praying that The Banshee either doesn't make an appearance, or has figured out that school isn't the torture device she originally thought.

M and I have also started school again, this time moving on to Advance Finance, which might as well be named Advanced Suckitude. If Finance sucked, this is suckitude on steriods. And we're all of three days into it. Yikes. To sum it up, for the first time since we started I began to think that maybe earning a low B wouldn't be so bad after all. I am grateful, though, that none of our on-line classmates have appeared to throw a temper tantrum since starting. That's always a good sign.

Coupla super secret messages for the day:
Happy Birthday to Mama!
Happy New House to Beano!
Thank you to Sister Mary Amnesia for the laughs last night!


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