Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Coke Classic

This whole photograph-of-the-day project has really got me observing a helluva lot more. Which is not a bad thing.

Not that everything I'm posting here is what I would consider my best work, or even what I feel comfortable throwing out for public consumption. I am, after all, a ruthless editor (in all aspects of life, really, from words to images to crap around my house). Normally I like to make images and then stew on 'em for a good long while, going through various phases of "You suck as a photographer" and "sell your gear now, sister, and put the money towards something beer."

But being under self-imposed pressure to post an image every day means I don't have the luxury of mentally flogging myself before choosing to show something I've made.

I mean, Zozer pictures are one thing. Those are pretty much sure-fire crowd pleasers since she's so freakin' adorable and stuff. Who doesn't love them a good Zozer pic? And because she's so adorable, it's easy to make good images of her. I overshoot anyway...ya'all see maybe 2 or 3 out of every hundred images I make of her, but you know, I'm pretty confident that whatever I post up here is going to at least be loved by her grandparents. That's six fans right there. And we're not even counting aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, cousins, etc. Those people are bound by love to at least like my Zozer photographs. Even if the shot is technically crappy.

But my personal stuff? Yeah, that's a whole new ballgame. Because chances are what interests me isn't going to interest you. And even though I go on and on about how this is my blog and if you want something different then get your own damn blog, I really do care about what I post.

On my favorite photography site, there's been a few threads lately where posters are ripping into the stream-of-consciousness atmosphere of the blogosphere. People are out there, just typin' away, about whatever pops into their heads. Granted, I do that much of the time as well, but I do try to have a topic in mind before I sit down at the keyboard.

But their posts have got me wondering about what I throw up here. I like to think of my work as art. At least it's my art. I put a lot of effort into creating it, and expressing my feelings through it, which I'm pretty sure are decent definitions of art. Most people probably wouldn't think a 30-year-old Coke machine outside the SpeeDWay is art, but to me, well, it's my kind of art.

Those are original colors up there in the image, by the way. I didn't do anything but strip the color out of the rest of the shot. I know at least one person who will like the primary colors aspect of it. You know who you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no Blue Chairs or A2 Newspapers, but it will do... VERY COOL!!!!!

9:18 PM  

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