Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happiness for seven bucks

I'm not the type of person to buy flowers just because. I love flowers, but it always seems like such a waste of money. They die, then you throw them out, and that's that.

But I adore Gerber daisies. They're so obnoxiously bright and big and bold and in-your-face. Kinda like me.

So when I saw one remaining bouquet of Gerbers at Sam's last weekend, and they were only seven bucks, I made an impulse purchase. "Aren't I worth seven dollars?" I asked M. "Of course you are," he wisely replied.

Which, of course, makes me now question whether I'm worth only seven dollars.

Anyway, I brought them home and cut the stems under running water and mixed up my flower food and cleaned out a vase, yada yada yada. I put them on the newly-cleared buffet, and have thoroughly enjoyed them every day since. It's much nicer to have a vase of fresh flowers sitting there than the two stick stands that hold our web cams, a pile of papers and statistics text books, which is what I cleared off.

The other thing I love, almost as much as beautiful Gerber daisies, is the morning light that pours into our home every morning. Especially now that it's spring and we finally get to see the sun on a daily basis. Not that I'm planning to ever move again, but if I do, it will only be to a house that faces east.

The light this week has been extraordinary. I don't know if it's because we've had dreary winter weather for so long, or because I've just been in the right frame of mind to see it (I mean, I always see it, but this week I really see it).

So, in keeping with my goal to shoot something every day, I made some images of my beautiful seven-buck daisies in my gorgeous early-morning light. Which means that after my flowers die and I've thrown them out, I'll still have them to look at whenever I want.

Not bad for seven smackers.


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