Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bubble Goatee

Here's my little beatnik baby, with her bubble goatee. This happens when she leans all the way forward and sticks her face in the water (which she does quite frequently). She had a bubble moustache, too, but I couldn't run to get the camera fast enough and so had to settle for just the beard.

She starts swim lessons May 31, and given that she's already submerging her own face I think she's going to do just fine.

We had a relatively lazy day today, going out only to run a couple errands. M did a bunch of work on his computer and I went on a field trip with Beans to pick up some things for our girl Tiff's upcoming engagement party/bridal shower/beerfest. We made only two phone calls to her, but I think it was probably enough to make her a bit nervous. Don't worry, sweetie, we got us the high-class stripper for Doug (they threw in the midget stripper for Shawn for free!) and some real purty hillbilly wedding-theme decorations. Nuthin' but the best for you!

Now we're having a lazy evening to close out our lazy day. I'm playing around on the Mac, trying desperately to figure out what image to post here tomorrow (I may play it fast and loose and just try to shoot something, you know, tomorrow) and M is planning a trip for a conference he's speaking at in November in Atlanta. Having never been to Atlanta (my hour layover on the way to SpaceCamp sophomore year of high school doesn't count), I'm trying to gently persuade him to take his wife. I don't think it's working, but you know me: tenacious! I'm not ruling out Hotlanta just yet!


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