Friday, April 11, 2008

How 'bout we use sausages for a prop?

The photograph and caption below was published this week in a local newspaper. (A "rag" as my FIL calls it; a socialite paper that talks about who's who and all their doings. And, apparently, all their doings with questionable meat products.)

Too many jokes. Not enough blog space.

There are so many things wrong with this on so many different levels.

According to the caption, his wife cites him as "sexiest chef in St. Louis." Is that because he brings home that sausage at the end of the day?

Okay, so I did one joke. Couldn't resist.

On a serious note, why on earth would one agree to pose for this, and what in the hell was the photographer thinking? I searched for a photo credit but couldn't find one. Which, I suppose, doesn't surprise me, as if I had snapped this shot I wouldn't exactly want to shout that I had done it. I mean, really.

Side note: this was part of a larger article on St. Louis chefs. Another male chef was posed holding a teeny tiny ice cream cone. Given that it ran next to this one...sheesh. Poor guy!


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