Wednesday, April 02, 2008


When I was a kid, my mom would wake me up every April 1 and tell me some cockamamy story about how my school had cancelled all classes due to vandalism/weather/locusts, and that I probably wouldn't have to go back to school for several weeks.

She'd let me think about that for awhile, then yell, "April Fools! Get up! You gotta go to school!"

Not sure why I fell for that every year, but I did. Guess I kept forgetting it was April 1.

She had other pranks scattered here and there, but the school-is-cancelled routine is the one that really sticks in my memory.

A couple years ago a colleague e-mailed out an ultrasound photograph and wrote, "This is where I went yesterday afternoon when I left work early." Hearty congratulations all around, lots of excitement, hugs, that sort of thing. Then she reminded us all it was April 1. Beyotch.

So, yeah, this year it was my turn. I got a few of you, but not all. I toyed with the idea of the pregnancy thing, but since my friend did it a few years ago I decided I wanted to do my own thing. Moving to Rhode Island seemed like a whimsical alternative.

For those of you who fell for it, you oughta know that there's no way we're leaving The Lou. If we didn't leave a few years ago, when we had no child and no jobs and M was getting offers for Maine and Ohio and Illinois, well, we're sure as heck not going anywhere now. For one, I don't know how we'd move the BAS (we'd have to call in the Mennonites again for sure), and for two, M would be enormously disappointed to not draw the familial crowd for our annual grand lighting.

Besides, we've got weddings up the ying-yang this year...too much fun to be had to move!

Anyway, if you're at all upset by my little prank, call my mother and blame her. She started it about 25 years ago. Here's to you, Mama!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH YEAH, Blame it on the Mama!

As I recall, My April fool tricks didn't cause a near heart attack.
I can laugh at it now but yesterday I thought I was having the "big one". I cried and was unable read down to the end. Thank God Katie was on the phone and got me thru it. I must admit, I did have a hand in your creation, so I guess it's okay to blame it on the Mama!

Everything I read from you, from now on will be read from the bottom of the page to the top!

Love you, Mama XOXOXOXOX

P.S. Papa wasn't too happy about it either. He said he though it was real because we beleive that you and Michale would do such a thing as just picking up and moving. Glad you shared the thought with us because we can rest easier now that you will remain in the St. Louis area!

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