Sunday, March 30, 2008

Print Bliss

I printed tonight. Which makes me obscenely happy.

This is a major event, seeing as how I haven't printed in probably over a year now.

Normally I have to spend half the day cleaning up the DDR (digital dark room) to even find the 2200 printer, by which point all creativity has been beaten out and I'm so disgusted with cleaning that I'm content to look at my nice, clean DDR and call it a day.

But I cleaned out the DDR Thursday night, which left it wide open for printing tonight.

Only, I haven't printed since I upgraded the operating system on the Mac, so a good 40 minutes was spent trying to figure out why the hell my Print Center wasn't working. I bounced from Epson's site to Apple's site to random Google search result sites, all of which pointed me to the next site. It was the photo printer equivalent of Who's On First.

Finally, I bypassed the Print Center system by sticking a piece of plain copy paper in the 2200 and sending a text document (that said "test" of all own creativity astounds me) through. This brought the printer up in my dock (those of you who aren't Mac heads will not understand this), at which point I tagged the little ^%$#er and told it to "stay in dock." The malfunctioning Print Center can go to hell now, as I've got direct access to the 2200 from the dock. Sweet!

Having access means I can run maintenance on the 2200 and clean out my clogged nozzles. While this sounds bad, it's a relatively painless exercise that takes a bit of time and some ink. Three cleaning cycles did the trick tonight, my nozzles were unclogged, and I was ready to go.

After all that, I had to figure out, again, how to feed extra-thick paper through the 2200, which involves manually loading it sheet by sheet from behind (which wouldn't be too difficult except that I'm working in a computer cabinet that feels like it's about the size of a telephone booth) and setting the paper feeder to "envelope." Why a photo printer has an "envelope" setting is beyond me. They should have just called the damn thing "thick paper" and been done with it.

After all that, I printed. Two glorious prints, one of whom has been owed to a friend since last September, and the other for the man who owns the small business up the street. Turns out the reason he had to do all that renovation is because some bastard in a flatbed backed through the front window and robbed the place. I don't know if the man has any recent photographs of his business before the burglary, but I do, and so I'm printing some for him.

I'll print more throughout this week, though, as after all that effort to get the 2200 up and running I'm plum tuckered out. Statistics homework has been turned in, the final load of laundry is drying downstairs, and I just might get to bed at a decent hour tonight.

Zozer had two more corner-worthy episodes this weekend. Man, does she hate that corner.

She also felt it necessary to show me Hoot's heiny and to point out that his heiny is where he goes poo-poo.


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