Monday, March 31, 2008

Movin' on a deluxe apartment in the sky

This weekend, Hoot got some new digs.

Being as how he's a celebrity and all now, I believe this shot was captured by paparrazi using a telephoto lens. I think Hoot may be bathing, but luckily the design of his window does not permit one to catch a glimpse of his nether regions. Which is good, because this is a family-friendly blog and all. I'd hate to have to resort to using black rectangles to cover his owl-bits, and it would be a disgrace for Hootie to fall to the level of several female celebrities who eschew undergarments. He's a sophisticated owl, after all.

The paparrazi were required to use the telephoto lens because Hoot's new abode is now miles above where he used to reside, which was in a regular old Pantheon of Owly Greatness that basically sat on the floor.

Zozo had requested that her father construct a "Hootie Tree House," or so he claims. I'm not sure that she actually asked him for that, but if the boy needs an excuse to play with oversize Legos, then so be it. They began construction together (she serving as General Contractor and Chief Lego Stealer, and he serving as architect and primary carpenter), until it became time for the General Contractor to take her daily nap. Then it was up to the carpenter to finish under his own auspices.
Hoot was installed in his new Penthowlse post-haste and with much fanfare upon the General Contractor's awakening.

This will probably be the main publicity shot used for the newly formed Hoot Towers LLC company, which specializes in sturdy, colorful homes for small woodland fowl.

And, of course, the shot of the mastermind with his creation. Both of them, actually.


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