Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This boot was made for walkin'

Great news from Dr. Hottie!

I'm in a walking boot for six weeks, then I'll have a run of physical therapy, but I should be back to normal (well, as normal as I can be, anyway) after that. My goal to run a 5K in April may be a bit tight, but it's doable (he's wary of making any promises on timelines for recovery due to my husband breaking -and not in a good way- all known expectations for recovery from repair of a torn labrum).

I'm in the boot now, and while a tad awkward to get used to it's already offering a ton of relief. I can now move without pain, as it stabilizes my foot and keeps me from flexing (which, in turn, will allow it to heal). I have to wear the boot at all times, except while sleeping and showering, and I'm allowed to use the stationary bike at the gym as long as I feel comfortable hobbling around in the boot. He also recommended swimming (yeah, yeah, Stef, I know. Are you gonna give me lessons?!).

The boot has enough lift on it that on my right foot I can wear my nice heels to work and walk normally. In fact, it's easier to have a bit of heel on the right foot as it levels things out and keeps my gait more even.

So, all in all, if I have to suffer a broken foot, I'm quite pleased.

I go back in six weeks for more x-rays and hopefully to ditch the boot and start PT.

Both the good doctor and his assistant thought it quite humorous how I broke it. Rather than saying, "I fell over while trying to dance," I prefer to state that I suffered from sudden vertical displacement. Sounds better that way, no?


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