Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ding ding ding!

Turns out that 2 broken bones in your foot wins you a trip to the orthopedic surgeon.

Went to urgent care this morning, following a nagging feeling that I really should get the gimpy foot checked out just in case. 3 x-rays confirm 2 broken bones. I was sent out the door with said gimpy foot in a very attractive foam boot (with nifty velcro closures), x-rays in one of those giant manilla envelopes, and a stern admonishment to call the ortho right away.

Thankfully, I have a great referral on a talented (and did I mention hunky?) orthopedic surgeon due to my husband having a torn labrum. They're going to call me back when they find me an appointment. Apparently my waiting a week and a half has bumped me up to "you need to get your stupid ass in here PDQ" status.

I'm majorly bummed about this because a.) I do not have time for any broken bones and b.) I am not running, and when I am not running, I am not happy. Stef seems to think I need to start swimming, but I say for that to do any good, I would actually have to know how to do more than dog paddle. Still, if I get desperate enough, I just might try anything.

M comes home early tomorrow morning. As he's in meetings all day today, I had the pleasure of sending him a BlackBerry text message to break the news. I would pay cash money to see the look on his face when he gets it. And I can't wait to remind him of his doctorly diagnosis: "Well, since you can walk on it, it must not be broken." Remind me not to take medical advice from an engineer, and one who took 15 years to get his bum shoulder looked at, no less.

Stay tuned!


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