Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A mid-day treat

Okay, it's now day 46 of my voice being funky. Not really, but it is day 5 and that, frankly, is 5 days too long. I'm also sick of the sinus crud that goes along with the funky voice. And I'd like to get back to feeling well enough to work out again, because I really miss it and how great I feel when I do it. Since I hack, cough and wheeze for the first 45 minutes of each morning, though, my first inclination is to stay away from the gym.

Today my boss, who never gets sick, has a crackly voice. Which means that she's popping Airborne and shoving them down my throat at the same time. I was wary of it because it involves a little tablet fizzing in a glass of water, and I've never been a big fan of Alka-Seltzer, but it actually wasn't bad. Not sure if it'll do a thing since I've been dragging this head cold thing around for about two weeks, but we'll see.

Around noon today I was plugging away at my computer, having just eaten a bowl of chili (while working...because I'm a dedicated employee) when the cell rang. Huh...it's Stef. Thought she was finishing up orientation today and then heading to the airport. Turns out she finished orientation early and had time to grab some lunch before catching her flight, and would I care to join her.

Hell yeah!

It was so strange to see her in the middle of my workday. Normally we do the million-email-juggle to schedule a couple hours around the major holidays. "How about this day?" "No, that's Christmas with my aunt and uncle. How about that day?" "No, that's Christmas with my aunt and uncle." We end up squeezing in a bit of time that always feels rushed and not ever enough.

So it was strange to sit across from her at Crazy Bowls (she ate, I had a smoothie since I had already consumed chili) and just catch up. Lunch on a whim. "Hey, I've got a few minutes...wanna grab something?" "Yeah, see you in a few!"

It's like when I first started working here and I had to get used to looking up in the middle of the day and seeing my dad walk by. Very cool, but so odd at first. Stef will be working a mile up the road from where I work (mere milliseconds, you could say), so lunch on a whim might be something that happens often.

I think I can get used to this.


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