Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Mirthday, Hubster!

Last night as we studied, I grew increasingly frustrated at the intricacies of accounting. Working with numbers does not come naturally to me. I'm one of the most calculator-dependent people in the world. As opposed to my husband, The Human Abacus, who can eye up a cart full of groceries and predict the total cost to within 50 cents (with tax!). It freaks me out when he does that, almost as much as when he says exactly what the sports announcer says, only 30 seconds sooner.

So last night, my husband did what he does so well...he made me laugh when I needed it most.

As I was reading I became aware that he had ducked under the table and was scrounging around. I figured he was going after his mechanical pencil or slide-rule or something. It got to the point of ridiculousness, the amount of time he was spending down there, and I was on the verge of snapping, "What the hell are you doing?" when he suddenly popped back up.

What he had been doing was this: he strapped Zoe's tiny hot pink Wee Shades sunglasses on his head.

All my tension was released as I laughed so hard I was gasping for air.

Mignon McLaughlin wrote, "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

Last night I fell in love with M all over again.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Mocholate. I hope you laugh as much on your special day as you've made me laugh over the years.


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