Monday, December 17, 2007

Speech returns (finally)

I'm finally getting my voice back! I had absolutely nothing above a whisper for Saturday and most of yesterday, but last night I was finally able to croak out about every fourth or fifth word. Today is much better...I'm only losing every fourth or fifth word. The ones I do have, though, sound pretty funny. Scratchy and deep.

I didn't think it would be so hard to be speechless, but it turns out it is. Especially when you have a two-year-old ("Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?") and a husband who calls to you from the other end of the house and then wonders why you're not responding. I walked around my house a lot more this weekend than I normally do, because I couldn't just yell back. It didn't bode well for my sanity, I'll tell you that. I couldn't yell at him to knock it off, either. Oh, the irony. He, of course, thought it was great that his wife couldn't speak. Took full advantage, he did.

Saturday night we had friends over to watch the Bond movie Casino Royale. I was sorta not wanting to watch the new Bond, since I really (really) like Pierce Brosnan. But, I must admit, I'm swayed. Perhaps it was the multiple shots of Daniel Craig without a shirt, perhaps it was his piercing blue eyes, who knows. Who cares? The guy is eye candy, and seems to me to be a much "tougher" Bond than Brosnan. A little rough around the edges. A rugged kind of handsomeness, I guess you could say. It's the difference between Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan being portrayed by Alec Baldwin versus Harrison Ford. As much as I like Baldwin, Ford will win me every time. Pretty boys are okay, but I prefer the ones with character. Scars and wrinkles mean a rich life, a colorful history. Antique patchwork quilts are much more beautiful than sleek new duvet covers from Pottery Barn.

I called this morning to register for my first MBA course. Although I'm taking my courses on-line, they require registration for the first class to be done over the phone. I made it through okay despite the fluctuations in my voice, and I'm now registered for Accounting Theory and Practice. I know, I know, ya'all are so jealous about the fun and excitement that's in store for me for nine weeks starting January 4. Try to contain yourself.


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