Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My chaos is different from their chaos

Things have been so chaotic lately that, for the first time in my professional life, I've found myself out from behind the computer more often than not. Normally I'm pretty chained to my desk. Not that I'm not usually busy...I's just been an entirely different kind of busy. Not necessarily a better busy than usual, or a worse busy, just a different busy. And, I would like to clear up, that when I use the word "chaotic" to describe my life, it in no way is even remotely tied to the whole Britney and K-Fed Chaotic mess of a show. Those two have forever ruined the wonderful word that was chaotic. In my mind, anyway.

Have you ever typed a word over and over again to the point where it starts to look really weird and not at all like the correct spelling? I've just hit that with chaotic. Especially the capitalized version in reference to the disaster created by the morons listed above.

Can you tell I'm stalling for lack of anything specific to write?

Lots of changes here at work, of which I'm unable to divulge due to confidentiality reasons. That and that fact that you don't know the peeps here and therefore would be bored out of your gourd by the stories. I'm pretty sure M is ready to rip his ears off if I start up again about it tonight.

Went to the ballgame with M last night and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and continued my streak of seeing nothing but winners since the dud of the season home opener.

Tonight is a lovely, quiet evening at home, to be filled with playing with Zozo and then, after she goes to bed, probably poring over my new images and continuing to kick my own butt about them. Which sounds just fine to me. I'm ready for some downtime with my little family.

My goal: to not fill M's entire evening with my ramblings about what's going on at the spa, about which he couldn't care less but has been quite attentive in listening. It's about run it's course for the time being, I think, so he should get a reprieve. Thanks, SweetPea, for listening! You're the best!


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