Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy as a bee

So much is going on that I not only have no time to post, when I do get a few minutes, there is too much to write.

Work is very busy and exciting these days, as things that I've been working on for awhile are finally coming to fruition. That's always a good feeling.

Outside of work, Zozo's new teeth and my new photography project occupy my time and energy. Zozo hasn't been herself for a couple days now, and we're sure it's due to discomfort from her incoming teeth. The bottom right one (her fourth in the front on the bottom) just popped through the surface today, but I think she's also got some molars making their entrance. She's constantly got her fingers in her mouth and will start crying for no reason whatsoever, which is not at all like her.

She ran a low-grade fever for much of the weekend, which we treated with children's Tylenol and Motrin, of course. That finally broke today, thankfully. I hate seeing her not feeling well, and she tries so hard to be happy and cheerful that my heart just breaks when I see tears forming in her big, blue eyes.

The photography project is wonderful, if for no other reason than it just makes me feel good. This is occuring on multiple levels: I'm proud that I stepped outside my comfort zone and forced myself to try something new, I'm happy that I have new experiences to add to my "cool things I've done" list, I'm thrilled to be learning new things and actively working to become a better photographer. As my old boss used to say, I'm "on the path." Being on the path, I think, is just as good as finally getting to your destination. There is much to do on the path, and many great experiences, and there's that feeling that you're active and not a giant immobile slug.

My friend Jeanne lent me her CD of Andrea Bocelli singing Verdi, which I'm listening to right now. It's quite good, even if I can't understand a damn thing he's singing. She's supposed to lend me La Traviata as well, but she hasn't found it yet. I'm really looking forward to that, because I'll at least have some idea of what they're saying, having now actually seen the opera. My other friend Chris saw The Mikado last weekend and said it's good. Wouldn't mind seeing that, but we're going to The Lion King this Friday and so I probably won't be able to convince M to see another opera or musical any time soon.

That's all I have for tonight. Sorry there's nothing of real interest here. I hope to post images from The New Project sometime soon. We'll see!


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