Monday, June 11, 2007

$2K worth of art

I have nothing of any importance to post this morning.

We moved a bunch of mulch this weekend and the yard looks good.

The sprinkler system has been repaired, so yours truly doesn't have to go out every morning with her watering can.

Went to the Cards game yesterday and brought home a winner (yes, I do personally take full credit for it).

Oh! I did go see the exhibit by Jennifer Silverberg Friday right after work. It's fantastic. It includes a six foot by four foot black and white mariachi guy, if that tells you anything. She mentioned that she really hopes it sells, since she has no place to hang him in her small apartment. I made the mistake of asking how much he is. $2000. A huge part of that is production cost, so it's not out of line, but still. You find somewhere to print a six foot by four foot black and white in good quality and see how much it costs! So, no, I didn't buy the mariachi guy, but I did promise to check with my friends and see if anyone was interested. Really, he's quite cool. If I had a spare two grand sitting around, he'd be hangin' in the library.

Don't you hate it when someone you work with is a real snot. Kinda puts a damper on the whole work day. Grrrrr.


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