Thursday, June 28, 2007

Google this

Ahhh, it's a hot and muggy day...perfect for a street party, don't you think?

Along with several of my colleagues, I'll be attending the St. Louis Magazine A-List party this evening. Our spa was named Best Spa (ahem, thankyouverymuch, ahem), and there's a small party of us going to celebrate.

We've been assured that there are large tents to keep us dry, due the pending thundershowers.

Should be a fun event, though, and isn't always fun to attend something where your work is honored? Why yes, yes it is.

And more good news: M got to eat at Mongolian Barbecue in KC last night. While this doesn't exactly seem earth-shattering, it has major ramifications on our upcoming trip to Ann Arbor. To see Stef (there, are you happy now? STEF? You got your name on the friggin' blog!). You see, the first time we visited, Stef (there it is again!) took us to Mongolian Barbecue. M thought he died and went to heaven, promptly naming it The Meat Place and talking about it at least bi-weekly since then. He typically salivates at the same time. Needless to say, when we booked our tickets for our Ann Arbor trip, he insisted that we, once again, visit The Meat Place. Sigh. All the fantastic places to eat there, and we have to return to The Meat Place.

As you can tell, The Meat Place does not rank as high on my list of fine dining establishments as it does on his, but he's so gosh-darned passionate about his Meat Place that who am I to rain on his parade? I resigned myself to eating at The Meat Place again.

He called last night, though, happy as a clam, stating with full satisfaction, "Yep. There's a Meat Place here, right across from my hotel. I ate there tonight, so we don't have to go when we're in Ann Arbor. Call Stef!"

And the world breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Zozo has a new word. Well, it's actually more like a first word, if you don't count Dada and Mama, which I don't, because those are like givens and she's been saying those (and no others) for quite some time. She used to say moo, but that's sort of slipped off, and she used to be pretty good about dight (which is her word for light) but that's kinda gone, too, so we're really back at square one. This kid, I tell ya. She's on her very own schedule and will not be rushed, thank you.

So, here is her new (first?) word, which I can't believe: Google.

Yes, that's right. Our child's first real word is Google. Well, at least it's an official word, as I believe it was entered into Webster's dictionary last year or the year before on account of it's being so ubiquitous. It's a transitive verb, if you must know.

She thinks it's really funny, too, cracking up every time she says it and every time she hears it. It started about a week ago when I was holding her and talking to someone (I don't remember who). I said, "Oh, well I'll just Google it." Hilarity ensued. Not certain that was it, I tested it a few more times. "Google? Google? Google!" Giggles every time. A few days later, here she is, saying "Google!" herself and falling over with laughter.


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