Thursday, May 03, 2007

Operator Assistance

Our voicemail here at work isn't working. It looks like it's working, but it's not. I can see that I have a message, because the little red light on my handset is on, and the little envelope flashes next to my name on the screen. Plus, because our voicemail is tied into our e-mail network, I have a message in my in-box that shows up as a voicemail. I could access it through my e-mail, but I really don't like listening to my voicemail through my computer speakers, especially since I share an office with others. The speakers aren't that great, which means I'd have to turn the volume way up to get it all, and really I don't need to be blasting my officemates out of their chairs with my voicemail.

So, I sit here surrounded by reminders that I have voicemail that I can't access. This bugs me. It bugs me to have unfinished business, loose ends, something just on the verge of being complete or finished, but yet not.

It's that anal retentive control freak thing I have going for me. Ugh.

The computer dude came in and looked around, and decided that the voicemail server is ill enough that it required disconnection from the network and immediate transport back to his office, return date unknown.

Which makes me wonder...where, exactly, is my voicemail residing right now? Is it on the server that he took with him? And if so, why do I still have all these indicators telling me I have voicemail when it's gone? Is the voicemail sitting in my phone, and I just don't have the tool to access it? Is it in my computer? Is it on another server in the server room? Is it out on the 'net somewhere?

Where, o where, has my voicemail gone?

I've always worked in the days of voicemail. People leave me messages and I access them myself and write them down myself and call them back myself. Traditional secretaries who answer your phone and prioritize your messages and return calls to people to whom you don't care to speak are a product of another era, and are most likely close to extinction. Given the tremendous amount of "busy work" currently sitting on my desk, and my now AWOL voicemail, I think I might start pushing for the return of the secretary. Oooo, can I get him to do my laundry and run my errands, too?


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