Friday, April 27, 2007

Pupu Platter

Big news for today: Zozo went poopoo on her potty!

Major breakthrough. So far it's been only peepee on the potty.

I can't believe "poopoo on the potty" and "peepee on the potty" have become daily standards of vocabulary for me and M, but there it is.

So I asked Grandma, "Did you know she was doing it?" and Grandma said, "Well, she was making a funny face, and then she stopped and pointed down at the potty." Many cheers and applause ensued, and admiration of the poopoo, of course.

It's a gorgeous day here, and I think we'll take advantage of it by going for a walk this evening. Oh yeah, and it's Friday, and that just feels good.

Weekend plans? Max goes to the vet tomorrow at noon (so we can diagnose why he feels it necessary to yowl every morning at 3 a.m.) and then later we're off to the ballgame. Sunday, the day of rest, will be most likely spent cleaning the house. Not rest in the traditional sense of the word, but a great feeling of accomplishment upon its completion.

Kind of like pooping on the potty for the very first time.


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