Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lint, dust and dirt

I'm wearing black today, which is very slimming (so I am told) but also very linty. I hate lint. I have tape rollers stashed everywhere to combat lint, and for M to combat cat hair.

We get into discussions, M and I, about lint vs. cat hair. He lumps everything that sticks to his dark clothing, whether or not it came from a furry creature, into the "cat hair" genre. Granted, our kitties do shed an excessive amount of fur, especially right now when they're practically molting to get rid of their winter coats, but not everything that sticks to our clothes is fur.

Today, for instance, I am incredibly linty but not at all furry.

Dear Lord, please stop me before I write an entire post about lint.

Funny thing this morning...we are doing new employee orienation here at the spa, and I've been asked to present my marketing goodies. As a favor, my staff development person brought me the "Current Marketing and Promotions" binder from the employee breakroom to use as a prop.

I had to clean the 1/8" of dust off the cover before I could use it.

So much for improving the line of communication between marketing and the staff, eh? Let it be known that it was not my idea to create a "Current Marketing and Promotions" binder for the employee lounge, as I quite accurately predicted that the binder would serve but one purpose: to collect dust on top the employee refrigerator. I prefer the method of communication known as personal presentation at the staff meeting, then tacking it up on the bulletin board. That seems to work best.

Really, could this post be any more boring? I think not.

Last night consisted of shoving food into Zozo and then making a family trip to Home Depot to get paint for the duckies and look at flowers and pots for the patio. We completely forgot about the paint, but did find some pretty cool pots. Flowers and herbs will probably come sometime in the next week...maybe even this weekend. Need to buy potting soil and the "secret family recipe" for ensuring enormous, healthy plants. Mom told me about it last night. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. It's that secret. It's the key to having the best looking landscaping in all the land. GG taught her, and now she's teaching me. Maybe I'll grow a green thumb after all.


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