Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Casting Call

My sweet, darling nephew broke his ankle Sunday, and got his cast yesterday.

Joe is taking it like a man for the most part. He was excited to get the cast, thanks to the enthusiasm of the medical staff at the doctor's office. He's learning to walk with it, and he's figured out that he can use the cast to spin in circles, kicking off with his good foot and balancing on the cast. When I talked to him last night, through Beanie, he announced that "anyone in my family can sign my cast." He also announced to Beanie, at bedtime, that he was ready to take the cast off now.

I look at the picture above and I just want to scoop him up and hug on him and give him "loves and kisses" as we say to Zozo.

I also really want to sign his cast. I've never known anyone who has had a traditional cast, so I've never gotten to sign one.

Joe will have his cast for four weeks. You can imagine how that might seem like an eternity for a five-year-old. So say prayers for Joe, and for his mommy, because it's gonna be a loooong month for both of them. This morning's goal was to scratch an itch way down in the cast. Poor baby.


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