Monday, May 07, 2007

How about a bunny hug

from someone soft and sweet,
with silky ears, a fuzzy tail
and great big bumpy feet!

Alas, while at Target this weekend we discovered that Zozo's Learning Bunny has been recalled. It seems his cute little pompom nose can come off, creating a choking hazard. M contacted Mattel and they've e-mailed us a shipping label and we're to send Mr. Bunny back, preferably within 14 days. Then they send us a voucher and we go get a new toy.

This is rather unfortunate, as Learning Bunny is one of Zozo's most favorite friends. She loves to hug him, and head-butt his tummy, making him sing the above song. The recall says that only bunnies with three-dimensional noses pose a risk (there have been no reported injuries, and the recall is voluntary) so maybe we can find a flat-nosed bunny. I've got half a mind to not send it back, as a firm tug on Bunny's nose yesterday proved that it's not coming off any time soon. Sigh. We'll be responsible parents and do the right thing, though. Grumble.

Weekend was fantastic, in that I got to play in the dirt for much of yesterday. We now have two lovely planters done on the patio with all kinds of purty flowers, and four herb pots. I had flowers left over from the planters, so I used them in two of the front beds as well. Had gorgeous weather to work, and M graciously played House Husband to allow me maximum time outside. It was a complete role reversal from our typical Fall season, which entails one of us working diligently outside to put up the Christmas display while the other tends the house and cares for Zozo.

The yard was very, very mucky on Saturday from last week's rain, and as M was cutting it he came to the old evergreen stump that's been in the yard forever. I don't know how long ago it died, but the trunk was left up to tie off M's volleyball net. This weekend, with all the muckiness, M pushed on it (whether intentional or accidental I don't know) and it leaned way over. We decided it was time for it to go, and so he pushed it to about 45 degrees and then headed into the garage to get the ax. "Oh, crap," was my immediate thought, and then, "Don't tell him he can't swing with his right arm...he knows..." I had figured the thing was so rotten that it would just come right out, but there were some stubborn roots holding on. I stayed in my flower bed pulling weeds, and prayed that he wouldn't do something to further mess up his arm and shoulder.

I looked up just in time to see him take a single half-ass swing using only his left arm. Thunk. And the entire tree toppled over. The look on his face was comical. In all the years he's done landscaping for us, that was the easiest tree to fell. We both cracked up laughing on the spot, and then he did a Tiger Woodsesque arm pump and I lost it all over again. It was probably one of those things where you had to be there, but damn, it was funny.

I have a bit of soreness today from the yardwork, but complete satisfaction upon looking over my new flowers and nice beds. There is still much more to do, but at least I've gotten a start!

Tonight I'm attending a Do-It-Herself workshop at my local Home Depot about creating backyard sanctuaries. At this, M groans and clutches his wallet. I'm hoping to learn how to keep the rabbits away from my newly planted flowers, short of shipping them back with their cousin, defective Learning Bunny.


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