Thursday, April 12, 2007

Low on toner

I got to unleash my inner organizational goddess yesterday on our retail shelves, and I'm a happy, happy camper.

Our shelves, to put it bluntly, looked more "Wal-Mart" than "Crate & Barrel." You can guess which I'd rather be. I admit, I'm a snooty, snooty snob when it comes to retail. There's a reason I go to Target instead of Wally World.

I don't want to deal with cluttered shelves, crowded aisles, and other people's snotty children run amok when I'm shopping for my toothpaste.

So, anyway, the shelves here always bugged me. They were always clean, and the items on them were neatly arranged.


Drove me crazy. Batty. Mad as a hatter.

I shuddered every time I walked by.

Now, though. Ahhhhh. Space. S p a c e. And plenty of it.

The catch, and there always is one, is that it will obviously be important for our retail specialists to stay on top of the inventory, as the shelves will need to be replenished much more often.

Theoretically, this should not be an issue, as more often than not they're just milling around up there whenever I go by.

However, my last foray into Retail Land showed my new, sparkly, neatly re-organized shelves sorely lacking in Bioflavinoid Toner. Already. Grrrrr.

My boss told me my new shelves would not work. They aren't practical, she said. They'll need to be re-stocked too often, she said. They'll look bare, she said.

Just give me a chance, I said.

And wouldn't you know she was with me when I discovered the toner drought.


I'm off to corral some Bioflavinoid Toner and restock my friggin' shelves.


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