Sunday, March 04, 2007

Zozo Walks!!!

That's the big news of the weekend. Saturday morning, she up and decided that it was high time she started walking. So she did. And she pretty much hasn't stopped since. She's fallen maybe twice, so we're thinking she's been able to walk for quite some time and just hasn't allowed anyone to actually see her walk.

To celebrate, I made some images. Of course. Because that's what I do.

She likes this pose. A lot.
Sometimes she throws her arms out to the side and looks like she's hanging ten.

She can also stick out her tongue on command.
Much to the chagrin of her daddy.

How happy is our baby?!

This is her "I know more than you do" look.

Zozo rocks. In more ways than one.

Sassy girl.

It probably isn't nice to catch your child mid-sneeze,
but I figure this will be handy on prom night.

Can't figure out if she's air kissing
or sniffing for cookies.

The only reason she's smiling like this is because
Daddy is nearby making her laugh.
She so has her daddy's grin.

I told her to stand up for this picture.
This is what she did.
Mind of her own, I tell ya.

Another tongue shot. Just for Daddy.

You gotta wonder what an 18-month-old is thinking about
to have an expression this serious.
Perhaps "I believe I have just filled my diaper."


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