Monday, February 26, 2007

Free Starbucks T-Shirt - Woo hoooo!

I have tons to update you on, because the weekend was pretty good: dinner and hanging out with Beans on Friday, plumbing with Dad and Judy on Saturday, the Magic House courtesy of our financial planner Saturday night, kicking back and relaxing on Sunday with a movie and then the Oscars...a very pleasant weekend. I even have photos from the Magic House and everything. But I simply don't have time for the details today and it will have to wait until tonight. After we put Zozo down and hopefully before we watch The Departed, which my in-laws rented for a buck from one of those Red Box thingys and are sharing with us, like they did with Flightplan yesterday.

But the big news today is I finally got through on the Starbucks Web site and ordered my free t-shirt that shows my drink. Not just any Starbucks drink, and not just a mocha, but my specific drink, exactly how I order it. Yes, that's right. In a few weeks I'll be able to wear my Decaf Grande Non-Fat No-Whip Extra-Hot Caffe Mocha on my shirt, and not just because I tripped walking through the parking lot. Which is how I usually wear it on my shirt. And sometimes my skirt. And typically my shoes.

You can go to their site and work through a little process whereby you "build" your drink. They use pre-created art from some dude named Mychael and your drink is created for you. You can download it as wallpaper for your computer, and, if you're fanatical about logging on at 12 noon exactly CST and hitting "refresh" over and over for a few minutes, you can get into the system and get one of the limited number of shirts they're giving away for free. It's the little things for me, really. I love me my Starbucks.


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