Friday, February 23, 2007

The Cadillac of Flip Flops

Ahhh...I love the smell of Windex in the morning...

I got tired of being surrounded by clutter while I work, and went for a more Zen-like atmosphere on my desk.

So I cleaned. Took everything off and cleaned the top, then put it all back on. Well, as I went I put stuff away, which took care of the clutter and greatly reduced the anxiety I was starting to feel just upon looking at my desk.

Dusted off my framed photographs and arranged them neatly on my windowsill. Moved some items around to more ergonomically (and aesthetically) pleasing locations.

Even googled "how to clean an LCD screen." Mix isopropyl alcohol with water, use a soft cloth, and go from top to bottom. Turning off the screen helps to see the dust and smudges better.

Just a little tip from me to you. Call it the "Cleaning Hint of the Day."

Okay, so I just received a call from a little boutique near one of our locations who wants to partner with us. For every pair of a certain brand of Swarovski-encrusted flip flops they sell, the customer would receive a free pedicure. Hmmm. Interesting. So I started doing my research and getting all the facts, you know, in order to make an educated decision.

Me: "And how much do these flip flops retail for?"
Boutique: "Well, they range from $120 to upwards of $190, depending on what you want."
Me: "For flip flops? Like, flip flops with rubber soles?"
Boutique: "Yes, well, they're studded with Swarovski crystals. Our clients are pretty price-insensitive."
Me: "Yeah, I guess so."

What I was thinking: "They'd have to come with a manservant to massage my feet and serve me frilly drinks with umbrellas for me to pay that much for flip flops."

This goes back to what I wrote a few days ago about excess. Now, I like me a pair of pretty shoes as much as the next girl, and I've been known to splurge now and then on good shoes for business. But $200 for a pair of flip flops? No freakin' way.


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