Thursday, March 15, 2007

The sling is gone!

The above can be sung to "The Bitch is Back" by Elton John, or "The Heat is On" by Glenn Frey, your choice.

Yes, M went back to the ortho doc today and was cleared to never, ever wear the evil sling again.

For those of you not living in our home for the last four weeks, M likened wearing the sling to the greatest punishment imaginable on God's green earth. Those of you who have carried a child in their womb for nine months and then given birth, you may now groan.

His shoulder is pretty tight, as you can imagine, having kept his arm close to his side for four straight weeks, and the muscles in his right arm have atrophied, but he's now officially on the road to recovery. The shoulder has healed, and we're now cleared to work on loosening the joint and getting his strength back.

He's allowed to do some minor stretching (the hardcore stuff will start once he meets with a physical therapist sometime in the next week) and some light weight training. I've fetched my five-pound weights from the utility room downstairs, where, obviously, they were doing mounds of good for my own arms, and he's already doing reps with those.

He's so happy to be out of the sling he's downright giddy. He usually doesn't get this way unless he's been driving a Corvette (the only time that's happened is thanks to my Mama), playing 14 straight hours of volleyball, or drunk off his butt.

Actually, right this moment he's passed out on the couch, blissful in sleep that is unencumbered by worries that he's going to screw up the healing of his shoulder. But he was giddy earlier.

So, anyway, now that I have my husband back (or mostly back), I'd like to say thanks to all the fam and friends who chipped in and helped throughout the last four weeks. Your support and love was crucial to our making it through this very difficult time. Especially when I was ready to scream, "Cut your own damn chicken already!"


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