Sunday, March 11, 2007

At the Park

Today was another great day. Trip to Sam's and Target, and another walk to the park. We went to the park yesterday afternoon, which I just realized I forgot to mention in the previous post. I'm hurrying here, as M is anxiously awaiting the posting of today's images, and we have freshly baked cookies cooling on the counter. It's Sunday, so M is taking full advantage of being able to eat dessert (he gave it up for Lent, silly boy).
Zoe loves the park. LOVES it. Starts squealing when we turn on the path that leads into the park. How lucky are we that we live within walking distance of a really great park?

Unfortunately, Zozo loves the park so much that she practically melts down the minute we try to leave. Well, she did yesterday afternoon. Today we tried something different. Upon pulling her off the swings, we told her to wave "bye bye" to the swings. And blow them kisses. Which she did. I guess she understood that, because there was no meltdown today.

We got some great images from today. Let me just say that it's fairly difficult to get decent images of a small child while swinging with a digital point-and-shoot. There's that whole delay issue, and the fact that the shutter speed is never quite fast enough to stop motion. I guess one of these trips I'll have to haul the Big Dog up to the park and get some decent shots. Until then:


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