Sunday, March 11, 2007

Roadtrip to Grammy's

Saturday, after breakfast, paying bills and putting together the tax stuff for the tax lady, we went and dropped off the tax stuff to the tax lady, and then headed to Grammy, Papa and GG's as we were in their 'hood.

It was such a gorgeous day that Zozo decided to take a walk. A long walk. First she and Daddy went down the hill and came back up to Grammy's driveway.

Then she set off up the hill, and she was so darn adorable we decided to grab a couple shots.

Couldn't resist this one. She just took off up the hill by herself. Made it all the way to the top, too!

Papa popped for lunch for all of us, including Beanie/Aunt KK, and I'm pretty sure we drained his wallet with our Taco Bell feast.

Thanks to Grammy, Papa and GG for letting us stop by and hang out with you guys for awhile!

Saturday afternoon consisted of a nap and just hanging out. All in all it was a blissful day...the perfect blend of accomplishing something and getting to relax.

It helped that the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Plea to Mother Nature: please please please give us at least a few days of this. A few weeks would be preferable, but we'll take what we can get.


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