Friday, March 09, 2007

Just keep my paycheck

Some days I absolutely adore the fact that I work at a day spa. Okay, well, that's most days, really, but today it's especially true.

I was at one of our other locations this morning for a staff meeting and got to see a new line of products we're carrying. It's by Thymes, which is a really great brand for soaps, lotions, body washes, bath goodies, etc. I love most of their lines. This new one, though, oh my. I'm ready to buy every last piece we have of it.

It's called Azur, and it smells so yummy. Clean and fresh. Mmmmmm. Perfect for spring.

And the packaging. Oh. Wow.

M says I'm a sucker for great packaging, and he's right, I am. He also says that as a marketer I shouldn't be sucked in by great packaging, and he's right, I shouldn't. But perhaps the fact that I'm a marketer is exactly why I love great packaging. I can appreciate it. I am a package connoisseur, so to speak. It's like asking him not to get suckered in by the latest and greatest roller coaster. Will never happen. The boys loves his coasters.

Anyway, the new Azur line is so beautiful that I have a strong desire to paint the walls of my house in its green and blue hues. I want to buy the stuff just to be able to look at it every day. Okay, really I'd use it, too, but that's how great the packaging is.

The Liquid Foaming Bath (doesn't that just sound decadent?!) comes in an actual glass bottle with a silver metal top. It's reminiscent of the old milk bottles. Not real practical for the one tub in our house that I share with an 18-month-old, but I suppose I could hide it during rubber-ducky time. There's also a candle, hand wash, hand lotion, triple-milled bar soap, body wash, body lotion and body water. That last one isn't quite perfume, but just a little pick-me-up refreshing spray. How cosmopolitan. How chi-chi.
So this is why I like working in a day spa. I get to see/use all these great products. Not that looking at the latest Disaster Supplies Kit isn't great, but let's just say I'd much prefer the spa environment over the not-for-profit.


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