Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Shoes

We went shopping this weekend, for Christmas obviously, and decided while we were out that Zozo really needed a new pair of shoes. Her shoes were getting rather dingy, and she's on the cusp of outgrowing them, and seeing as they are little white canvas ones (with pink shoelaces!) we decided that some sturdy winter ones were in order.

Turns out that purchasing shoes for a toddler is harder than one expects.

First of all, said toddler does not like the trying-on-shoes experience while shopping. Especially when she's tired and cranky, and pissed about being confined to either the shopping cart or Mommy and Daddy's arms. After struggling to get new shoes on her foot while she's thrashing about in the cart, I pulled her out and found a small bench where we could both sit. The whole experience got a lot easier after that, but we still shed a few tears.

I'm hoping she gets over this, as shoe shopping is a favorite pasttime of her mother.

We tried on a few pairs, and decided on this adorable design:

Aren't they just the cutest? She wore them yesterday for the first time, and I do believe she's ready for the catwalk.


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