Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Laboring on Labor Day

Many apologies for there being no post yesterday. We spent Labor Day laboring...I cleaned the house and did laundry, and M helped clean the house and did some projects. It was a great day, and a good way to start the week. It's always nice to start a short work week with all the laundry clean, the house swept and mopped, sheets freshly laundered, litter boxes cleaned, trash taken out, and all of us squeaky clean. I'm sure by Saturday there will be tumblefur floating throughout the house again, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

So I was thinking about my blog this weekend, and how much I enjoy writing for it, and posting my images to it, and I was thinking about other blogs I read. There is one on stltoday.com that I check every so often, written by a stay-at-home mom of two boys. It's usually quite hilarious and many times thought-provoking. She writes that she is a "professional blogger." By professional I'm assuming that means she gets paid to post. Which is a sweet deal, and which makes me wonder how exactly does one get that deal. Because, really, even though the feedback I get from you all is wonderful and inspiring, it doesn't really translate to cold, hard cash. Moolah. Buckaroos. Dough. Which I could then parlay into new photo gear, clothes, shoes and jewelry. Oh yeah, and food for my child. Not necessarily in that order. So, if any of you know how I could get paid to do this, just let me know.

In keeping with my previous posts about things I see whilst driving on American roads, this morning I was behind a food service truck that supplies the "country's finest restaurants." It pulled into TGI Friday's lot, which of course completely negates the whole "country's finest restaurants" tag, but more than that, there was a message written in the dirt on the back door of the truck. "Show tits please." Which made me laugh, because whoever had written it has obviously been schooled in manners along with their depravity. Show tits please. Most pervs would simply write "show tits." I wonder, are there women out there who actually obey these commands?


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