Sunday, September 03, 2006

2/3 of our 3-Day Weekend

It's been a very busy couple of days. Friday night we went to the ballgame, where we saw "lights out" Carpenter pitch, me for the first time this season. Holy cow. It was the shortest game I've ever been to, which was good except that I'd have loved to have stayed all night and watched Carp. He was on fire. It was a beautiful night, and Date Night to boot, and we had fun.

Saturday we went to Grandma G's house for the last time. It was under the pretense of finishing cleaning out the house, but was really more of an excuse for all of us to get together. There was lots of laughter throughout the day, especially when a group got together downstairs to go through what was left. The only real treasure I saw was Uncle Tony's Iron Maiden poster from eons ago, but I think there was something for everyone. A few of us stayed outside and enjoyed the weather, wisely choosing not to partake in "Shitfest 2006." Uncle Tony did find another old camera for me, which was way cool.

Many, many thanks to everyone for the birthday gifts for Zoe. We love them...and you!

I took the time to not find anything else to bring into my home, considering we just went through our own pile 'o crap in our basement and got it all cleaned out, and instead wandered Grandma's house looking at everything through my photographer's eye. As usual, a place that I know well becomes completely different when viewed through my lens. It becomes even more beautiful, and even more loved. I got some good stuff, I think, but of course that remains to be seen by you lovely critics. I'll start working on it tonight and see if I can't get something posted by the end of the long weekend.

Note to everyone who gave me Schiller's gift cards for my birthday: you all rock. I used them to purchase a flash, and man is it the coolest thing ever. Well, it's the coolest thing since my kick-butt tripod from last year. This flash is so sweet. I was able to get shots yesterday that I wouldn't have sans flash. Whole new worlds are open to me now. Wondered why I waited so long and then I gear is expensive. So, anyway, thanks to ya'all for funding the AZ Poor Photographer's Fund. It's much appreciated!

Today was another Cardinals ballgame, and this time we took the family's littlest Cards fan. It was Run the Bases Day again, and it was Mommy's turn. I'd just like to say that I think I run pretty decently for a girl, even though I'm a little top heavy, but when you're trying to canter along with an extra 20 pounds gripping one side of you it's a bit more difficult. It was well worth it, though, and I had a blast. I hope Zozo did too, even though she's already forgotten it. We do have photographs of the event, though, thanks to M, and even a video, thanks to Grandpa Z. Anyway, Zoe was a doll for the whole game, as usual. I think she's a natural-born Cards fan, which is only logical considering how nuts her father, grandfather, and late great-grandfather are/were for the team.

So that's how our weekend is going so far. We've scheduled absolutely nothing for tomorrow, hoping to actually get something done around here. M has a project list a mile long, and yours truly desperately needs to vacuum the house, if nothing else. Laundry would be a good thing, too. And, of course, a little Photoshopping and printing. Ahhh, heaven!


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