Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ameren Angela

Stopped by the American Red Cross St. Louis Area Chapter this morning and donated a pint of my O negative blood. Ran into lots of old buds, and managed to successfully avoid my old boss which pleased me to no end b/c that would have been awkward, to say the least. It's that whole, "I thought we were friends but turns out you were just kidding" thing.

Anyway, from what I understand, the Red Cross is runnin' pretty low on blood, especially my fancy schmancy type O negative (the universal blood type that can be used for anyone, thankyouverymuch), so if you can donate, please do it. People need your help, and you never know when you or a loved one might need blood, so it's good to always have some stashed in the cupboard. That's just a figure of speech, you know. They don't really keep blood stashed in a cupboard. Everyone knows it's in the pantry.

Came into work having done my Good Samaritan deed for the day and called up my buddies at Ameren. Talked to a lovely lady who said she's been received lots of calls like mine and that there are two...TWO...houses in my entire zipcode without power. She couldn't confirm that we were one of them, but took my information and "sent it to the field." Makes me wonder what happened to my info that I gave Saturday and Sunday. I think "the field" might be Ameren code for "the trashcan."

Something must've worked, though, because shortly after that M called and said that Mom Z had seen an Ameren worker wandering through our yard and ran out to talk to her. Go Mom Z! If I know Mom Z, I know she would've tackled the girl if necessary. Anyway, long story short, Angela from Ameren talked on the phone with M and he was able to tell her that even though it LOOKS like we have power (the little disky thing in the box is spinning), we don't have enough to run anything larger than a lamp or a fan. Which would be fine, except that we need to like, eat and do laundry and try to stay cool in 100 degree heat. Ameren Angela said that the company's goal is to get power back to everyone in the area by the end of the day today. So keep your fingers crossed!

Zozo's heiny (is that how you spell heiny? Or is it heiney? Or heinie? Or hiney? Anyone? Anyone?) is doing much better. The redness is almost all gone.

Funny story from her sitz bath the other night. She was playing with her toys and squealing and splashing, like she usually does in the bath, when she decided to try something new. With no hesitation, she slowly leaned forward and put her entire face in the water. I think it wasn't what she expected because she sat up quickly and got that look that says, "I'm gonna cry and it's gonna be LOUD!" We did our usual clapping and saying, "Yaaaay! Good job Zozo!" and after about 20 seconds of looking at us like we were crazy with the "I'm gonna cry" look frozen on her face, she decided not to cry and instead continued playing as the water dripped off her nose. She's an awesome little kid.


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