Friday, June 16, 2006

Chef Boyardee and Billie Joe

Ahhh. Lunch on Friday. Good in so many ways. First of all, lunch on Friday means that there are only a few hours left for this work week. Second, today's lunch consists of 99% fat free Chef Boyardee ravioli in a can. Yep. I'm embarrassed to admit that I love it. It's sorta like my crush on Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day...I can't explain it, so I just go with it. It is what it is. Although I think the Billie Joe thing has something to do with his eyeliner, because when I was growing up I totally had a thing for the boys of Duran Duran, and they wore eyeliner too. Plus, he's a punker, and that's just cool.

This afternoon I'm bugging out a bit early to swing by my buddy's going-away happy hour at Hacienda. Majorly bummed that she's moving to CO, but very excited about her new adventure. From there it's home to pick up M and Zo, and then we're off to Aunt Katie's house to celebrate Shawn's birthday. Tomorrow Aunt Steffi comes by at around 9:30 for a visit (yay! She's coming to town!), and then the rest of the day is Father's Day at Grammy and Papa's. Sunday consists of going to mass, then lunch with Grandpa Ray and Judy, and then probably dinner or dessert with Grandma and Grandpa Z. Packed weekend, as usual!

Not as packed, however, as Aunt Steffi's life. Get this: yesterday she worked out in the morning, went to work, played volleyball over lunch, rode her bike after work, then played softball at 9 p.m. She pitched in the softball game, and honestly it was no surprise that her opponents scored 20 runs in the first three innings. Seriously. How much activity can one person have in her life? I was proud of my 20-minute walk with M and The Bug last night, but apparently I'm just a big loaf.

And on that note, since I have no desire to change my loaf-like ways, I'm going to publish this post and head up to the GM's office for a cookie (I finished off my can of lunch, so now it's time for something sweet, and since I'm sure Billie Joe is otherwise occupied...).


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