Sunday, May 28, 2006

The WaterBug

Today was Zoe's first day swimming, and she got along swimmingly. Aunt Katie handed her to Daddy in the pool, while Mommy took pictures, and from the minute she hit the water she was happy as a clam. Mike took her for a few laps around the pool, dipping her in and out, before finally placing her in the turtle float that Grammy had very wisely purchased for her. She loved it.

She "drove" her turtle all around the pool, kicking those fat little legs to beat all heck. At one point, she reclined and just enjoyed floating. I think our Doodlebug is a little WaterBug. Here is the photographic take from today's very enjoyable mini-vacation at Grammy and Papa's. I'd write more, and be more creative, but I'm dog tired. Ya'all are lucky you're getting these images so quickly.

Many thanks to Grammy, Papa and G.G. for giving us a wonderful day! We had a blast and hope you did, too! And praise be to the heavens for the rock wall/pool/concrete/barbecue pit/everything else finally being done. It was a long time coming, but it's beautiful and will be much enjoyed this summer.
Joey, Grammy and Zoe at "Camp Grandma"

Our Gran, small but mighty.

Uncle Shawn and Aunt Katie.
Save the date: the wedding is February 3, 2007!

Zoe hangs out with Daddy.

Miss Hollywood, getting ready for her dip in the pool.

Zoe sails away. The End.


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