Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi, I'm Mrs. Crankypants. Nice to meet you.

Yes, yes. The foul mood continues. Although it shouldn't. The sun is still out so far (keep your fingers crossed for the picnic tonight). I've just finished a perfectly delightful frozen Weight Watchers pizza (topped with, apparently, a healthy dose of sarcasm). I'm receiving positive feedback about the blog. I remembered to wear a kicky little scarf today. At 2:30 this afternoon I'm receiving a complimentary facial from a new esthetician here at the spa. All is right with the world, yes?

So why am I so cranky? I think I'll blame in on the whole "it can take up to a year after giving birth for your hormones to stabilize" theory. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket. My hormones. Somebody alert Tom Cruise that I need some vitamins. Thaaaat's right. I spit. Because whenever someone utters Tom Cruise's name I spit. Can't stand that guy. Brooke Shields ought to bean him in the head with a giant bottle of Paxil. Anyway, I'm really gonna be up a creek after Zozo's first birthday when I can't use that excuse anymore. "What do you mean, PMS doesn't run all month/year/decade long?!"

Hooooo! Maybe it's a good thing I don't own a phaser. I'd have probably stunned a few innocent bystanders by now.

Forgot my gift certificates to My Favorite Camera Store again this morning, which means I can't run out over lunch to pick up some new ink cartridges. Which means I can't print any photographs for another day. Grrrr. Damn them for not being open at night or on Sunday!

So, because of all that, YOU, darling readers, get to hear me rant and rave about absolutely nothing in particular. Thankfully my num lock has remained on today. Heaven help us all if I hit that button without realizing it.

Perhaps a few more photos of The Bug will help. She always cheers me up right quick. Here are some oldies but goodies.


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