Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Num Lock

You know what really freaks me out? When I inadvertently hit "Num Lock" on my keyboard and suddenly the number keys on the right side of the keyboard don't work anymore. I spend about 30 seconds hyperventilating and trying to figure out why weird things happen when I use those keys (I am addicted to those keys...the numbers across the top of the keyboard are worthless and should only be used for the special little symbols above the numbers) and then I finally realize, "Ohhhhh, my num lock is off!" Which, thankfully, I did not say out loud, keeping my officemates/family members from becoming alarmed that something is seriously wrong with me.

By sheer happenstance (or did she plan it?!) a friend gave me the link to her own blog today, and I happily perused it and learned so much more about her than I ever knew. Unfortunately, two things happened as a result. 1.) I'm even more sad that she's moving to Colorado next month, and 2.) I've become painfully aware of just how cool and creative her blog is, and how mine is spent, so far anyway, talking about my husband's sour stomach after an amusement park ride several years ago, and num lock.

So, to make up for how inadequate my musings are, I shall insert a photograph of my impossibly adorable child.


Blogger saara said...

impossible, indeed. just like her momma :o)

4:32 PM  

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