Monday, May 22, 2006


Wowee zowee...I'm now officially a blogger. Damn. Took me long enough, eh? So, yeah, um, welcome! Still trying to figure out how I'm gonna use this, but most likely it'll be a Big Blog of Zoe Pix. Not to totally bore everyone out of their gourd, but she's the best subject of my life so far, and I'm really into the whole "make images of something you love" concept. Besides, e-mailing out a link to this has got to be easier than sending a million e-mails with a million-million images attached. I'm sure friends and family will thank me to the end of time for not clogging up/bogging down their e-mail systems.

I'll try to post images of my art stuff, too, but keep in mind I haven't shot much since the whole pregnancy-birth thing. Being a parent takes up way more time than they tell you.

I might also use this to keep ya'all posted as to what's going on in the Z house, which is usually quite humorous and never, ever boring.

Observation/Kudos of the Day: even after a relatively relaxing weekend, we can still forget to run the dishwasher (very necessary for those pesky bottle things) and take baby food to Grandma's for Zozo. Good to know we're intelligent, organized, prepared human beings with fried brains. Thanks to Grandma for being on top of things and making sure our child, her grandchild, gets fed! At least someone's thinkin'!


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