Thursday, September 24, 2015

A day of awesome, and it's not even noon yet

Today is The Best Day Ever. There are a bunch of reasons. Here are a few:

Before I left the house today I received a call from a colleague. He was going to Starbucks and offered to pick me up a drink. I texted him my order, and when I arrived at work there was my decaf grande non-fat no-whip extra-hot mocha sitting right on my desk, waiting for me. This is great on two different levels: a.) it's Starbucks, hello and b.) this is from the colleague with whom I had serious run-ins for quite a long time. Last year, we started repairing our professional relationship. There was a fair amount of forgiveness that had to happen, and it did, and we now work incredibly well together. In fact, he's one of my favorite people at work now. I never would have thought this would happen, but it's proof positive that one should give people second chances and that the power of forgiveness is astounding.

It's Thursday, which means free doughnuts at work. At a plenary faculty meeting last year, the admin who orders the doughnuts tried something new and included doughnut holes with the usual long-johns, cherry-filleds, cake, and glazed doughnuts. I am a total geek about doughnut holes, and  my obvious joy and geekery made an impression. The admin told me she made doughnut holes a Thursday regular because of me. A new faculty member commented positively about them this morning, and I felt the warm glow that comes with knowing I have effected real, lasting change.

A monk stopped by to discuss style guides, and informed me that he's using a mishmash of style guides he's collected over the years, including a NY Times stylebook from the 1950s. Egads. I pulled out my well-used and beloved AP Stylebook to show him, as I have implemented AP Style as our standard here, and realized that it's five years old. New stylebooks for all! I have ordered four, and this pleases me to no end.

I learned that today is National Punctuation Day. I can't even tell you how happy this makes me. I should have planned ahead and taken a vacation day to celebrate, because now I find it nearly impossible to concentrate. A whole day. Dedicated to punctuation. I mean, if it were up to me EVERY day would be National Punctuation Day.

I have the theme song to The Munsters stuck in my head. This is Zoe's new favorite show and we watch it almost nightly. I love the show, too, so it's not terrible to have the song stuck in my head, and in fact it makes me laugh and think of Zozo. Plus it's incredibly apt when applied as a soundtrack to work. I highly recommend.

Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County 2015 strip today made fun of the whole single-or-double-space-after-a-period thing that I get so amped up about. Love. it.

I have received multiple emails and text messages from friends today that made me laugh. And made me remember how lucky I am to have some amazing people in my life.

KSHE 95 played The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go on the way in to work this morning. I may or may not have cranked up the volume and rocked out. Starting the day with The Clash is always a good sign.

And it's not even noon yet!!!


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