Thursday, September 10, 2015

Offended? Well, jump on the bandwagon.

Just for shits and giggles, I posted my "funny" story on Facebook. Facebook, which is the online manifestation of Satan himself for all the crap it causes. Because it turns out that what I thought was an amusing, lighthearted anecdote from the 4th grade playground was hugely offensive to a group of boys' moms. And instead of calling me and talking to me about it (which would have elicited a heartfelt apology and groveling on my part as I absolutely did not mean to upset anyone), they instead spun themselves up to the point where another mom (who is rational not offended) felt the need to call me just to let me know what was going on. There are, apparently, screen caps of my post and miles of angry text messages. Over a four-square tussle between 10-year-olds. That I - and many, many others - thought was funny.

If we want to get offended, okay, I can get offended. Let's get offended, shall we?

Things that offend me:

I'm offended that there are children in this day and age, in my daughter's school, who clearly aren't being taught to be respectful to others (boy or girl).

I'm offended that we are sending our kids to a Catholic school when we ourselves can't behave like Christians.

I'm offended that humor appears to be extinct in our country.

I'm offended that people don't have the cajones to pick up the phone and have a conversation, choosing instead to spread ill will and make assumptions about someone's intent.

I'm offended that with the Syrian refugee crisis and tomorrow being the anniversary of one of the most horrific acts of violence by the hand of man and continued terrorism by militant religious extremists and the millions of other truly appalling things going on in the world, this is what people choose to be upset about.

I have gone through the stages of lunacy. I started with embarrassment which quickly turned to mortification. I slogged through regret and remorse. Now I'm just raging. I may stay here for awhile. I kind of like it.


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