Thursday, September 03, 2015


I posted this on Facebook last night and thought maybe I should put it here, too, for my non-Facebook readers:

We're at the game tonight and I'm 6.something weeks out of foot surgery so M drops me off and then meets me in the party suite. Cool. We have a great time. Amy drinks too much beer. The game ends. M heads to the car and I head to the prearranged rendezvous point. When I get there, I realize that the street is totally blocked. We re-plan via phone and I start gimping to the east side of the stadium. I run into five women and Superman, and they ask me to take their photo. YES I WILL OF COURSE. It's Superman, yo. After the photos, they're all concerned. "Ohmygosh are you alone?!" No, my hubby is coming to pick me up. Superman launches into some homeopathic remedy for bunions which is ridiculous because hello I have had both feet fixed already and one of the girls says, "Wait. Is that, like, Kryptonite?" and we die laughing while Superman looks offended. True story.


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