Thursday, September 10, 2015

And she shall be king

M picked up Zoe from after care and took her to piano lessons last night, so I could go meet the new J-School dean. So he got all the stories of the day that I normally have the pleasure of hearing. I did get home in time to read for a bit with her, and tuck her into bed. After, M shared this gem:

Zoe decided, on her own, to part from the huge group of girls playing four square at recess and join the boys' group. She wanted to see if they played differently. She tried to round up girls, but only Stella would go. She and Stella headed over to the four square boys and were told resoundingly by Josh, "No! You are not playing with the boys. Go away!" They returned to the girls group, and apparently Zoe took up a campaign for recruits. She eventually got a small band of girls together and they headed back over to the boys. They were told no, again, so she simply got in line, her posse behind her, and waited to play. When it was her turn, she played. She told M, "Well, I was the first to go, and I got out on my first time. They play differently than we do. But the next time I played, I became KING."

I am so damn proud right now.

Go, sister.


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