Monday, June 09, 2014

Rainy night

We hung out and watched Star Trek tonight. She loves Spock, just like her mother. Perhaps because the main man in our lives is super smart, highly logical, and has pointy ears. Okay, maybe one of those descriptors is inaccurate.

I love rainy nights. It's supposed to rain much of tomorrow, too. I'll love that as well, since I have a long day of writing and editing ahead of me at work.

Having trouble shaking the Anna Quindlen book. She writes unequivocally as an older woman, for older women, which I didn't quite realize going in. And then once I figured it out it was too late. I was invested and I had to finish it. That's how my OCD rears its ugly head. It's how I end up doing laundry all night long and why I am perpetually running late. Must finish before I can move on. Anyway, Quindlen talks about a lot of the stuff older women think about. Which is not typically stuff a forty year old woman thinks about. It's damn depressing for a forty year old. I need to find something uplifting. Something light that'll make me laugh. Suggestions welcome.


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