Thursday, May 01, 2014

Grommet. Plenary. Xanax.

Today sucked. For the most part. But I made some pretty pictures. Except for the one of the quarter I found in my desk when I was rummaging for change so I could buy a soda because the day sucked and I thought that with my grouchiness that I might not be able to find anything to shoot more beautiful than finding the quarter.

Also, mean people suck. Especially when they blast out their nastiness in a big meeting.

He could have at least waited until I had my full cup of coffee. Then I might not have felt like stabbing him with my pen so much. Except I wouldn't really have stabbed him because it was my favorite pen and I wouldn't waste it on a douchebag meanie with a beer gut and a bad attitude wrapped in layers of insecurity and ego. He's lucky it was my favorite pen.

Also, I like the word plenary. Not as much as grommet, but a lot.

Finally, I'm considering trying the Xanax. I think it might help me not want to stab my misogynistic colleague. Or beat him with my stapler (which was another thought I had when I realized I would never sacrifice my favorite pen - but I have no allegiance to the stapler so that's expendable). One of my friends on Facebook noted that it's "probably frowned upon to beat people with office supplies" but I think it'll be okay because if the guy at work can get away with being an asshat to others on a regular basis surely there will be no real repercussions for creative uses of things we order from Staples.

I'm thinking I should probably not share these thoughts with my doctor when I ask for the Xanax.

Also, Xanax might become another favorite word, but after grommet and plenary.


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