Friday, April 25, 2014

A day of good

I had fun today. I laughed at lunch with old friends. I laughed at the office with my assistant. I welcomed my hubby back from Germany and we had a wonderful date night. I saw Finding Vivian Maier, which has been on the Want List for months. (It exceeded my expectations.)

I found an ad for a teaching position in The Review that made me laugh out loud. (Irony is delicious.) I saw a small deer in the middle of Clayton Road, recently hit, dazed, and still standing but bleeding from the mouth. I saw people pulled over, on their cell phones, trying to summon help. I read an insightful article about the death penalty that reinforced my belief that it's barbaric to kill people regardless of what they did. Murder is murder, whether it's done by an individual or by the state on behalf of many individuals. (Yeah, I know most people don't agree with me and that's okay. I respect each person's decision, even while I don't understand it. And before anyone complains about the cost of keeping inmates under life sentences, know that study after study shows that keeping them alive and in prison is far less expensive than the years of appeals and motions that invariably happen when someone is given the death sentence. And I won't even get into the statistics about how many people on death row have been exonerated after years of incarceration. End rant.)

I used my brain today. I experienced art and joy and sorrow. I saw beauty.

It was a day of good.


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