Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Fun

After many hours, I finally have Zozo registered for her summer camps. It's a little like fitting together a jigsaw puzzle, and I usually feel like having a glass or eight of wine afterwards. Some of it has to do with our schedules, some of it has to do with what she wants to do, and two week-long overnight camps were carefully coordinated with a friend.

She's got some pretty cool stuff in store for her this summer. We're kicking things off right with our trip to Punta Cana right after school is finished. Then she goes into a wide variety of activities, including two dance camps (one for Hip Hop dancing and the other a more general Dance and Cheer camp), an outdoor camp at our local park, an American Girl camp where they bring their dolls and make things for them and have a tea party or two, a gymnastics camp, a first time to Camp Ondessonk, a Water Wonders camp at Girl Scout Camp Cedarledge, and of course we are reprising our "She & Me" mother-daughter camp. She also has a cousin coming in from Canada and will spend time with her during Grandparent Camp (which is with my dad and Judy and involves a lot of swimming and doughnuts and general spoilage of the granddaughter).

I'm excited that she's going to have blast, although I'm about ready to pull my hair out getting everything lined up.

But it's done. The summer is set and she's registered for everything.

Where's that corkscrew?


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